Hello, my name is Karri and I am new to blogging. My close friend Kimberly at Anchors Away in First Grade told me she was starting a teaching blog and that I should do one too. So here I am, always up for a new adventure.
     I searched many blog designers and decided on one. With all of the excitement of blogging, the wait was going to be 10 weeks. My husband said he could do it in 2 weeks (mind you he has never designed one before). So he started watching tutorials and 10 weeks later, here we are. Lol, love the Hunny's intentions. Still have a few things to finish, but we will get there. My tech support and social media consultants will be my 14, 11, and 8 year old kids. They promise to keep me up on what I need to know. I don't feel old until they take the phone or device out of my hand to do it quicker.
     I just started my 19th year of teaching and I am still loving every minute. My students teach me so much, I can't wait to see what they will teach me this year. Before making the move to 2nd grade, I taught PE to K-8th grade students and coached middle school sports. After college, teaching PE was not in my "game plan" but, I am glad that it is the path my career took. Sports and Physical activities really opened my eyes to how many different types of learners there are. I knew once I moved into the classroom my eyes would always be opened to recognizing how my students learn, and how to adjust my teaching to fit their needs. I hope to use this blog to share everything my students teach me and the tools that I use.
     What I have learned most over the years is that you should always have a "Game Plan". I always ask myself, " Where do I want my kids to end up and of course, what is my 'Plan B'?" We all know that 'Plan B' is used more often than not. Thanks for reading, and I am looking forward to being part of the blogging adventure.