Personal Narrative Completed Stories

My students have finished their personal narrative stories and I love how they came out. The transition from the graphic organizer to the rough draft template was very smooth. The kids are really understanding the concept of adding details to their sentences and providing examples of each topic. I chose to use the blank final draft paper so the students can illustrate their own party, we topped each page with a party hat. I have already started revamping other writing projects, using these same formats. You can find the personal narrative pack on my TPT store.
Personal narrative completed work

Personal Narrative using "Step Up to Writing" format

     I am taking a fresh look at writing this year and I wanted a better way to teach my Personal Narrative Lesson. Every year my grade introduces personal narrative by describing a birthday party that they have attended or had for themselves. We also use the "Step Up to Writing" program. I really wanted a way to combine the two. So, I created this graphic organizer to generate ideas.

Day 1: Today I instructed the students to come up with three parties that they have attended, then they listed three events that happened at each of the parties. Next, I had them star the party that they felt they could elaborate on. On the bottom of the sheet I added a word box. I asked the students to write down words that they thought they would use in their writing. This was a little more difficult for some than others.
I wanted to use the word box for two reasons:

1. Generate ideas of things to write about.
2. To see how they are using their applied spelling rules.
After they finished, I collected the papers. Some could only come up with four words of their own, I thought this was a good start for this format. I will expect more from them as we move through the year. I will correct any words in their word box before they begin writing.

Day 2: Students will use their organizers to begin the writing format on the "Step Up to Writing" form that I created.
I will be back later in the week to let you know how it went.

Graphic Organizer get it here.
Here is a sample of the rest of the writing bundle that I will have available on TPT soon.