Being a student is about more than just learning how to be a mathematician or a good reader and teaching is about more than teaching the standards. Finding opportunities to teach students how to be a good person is equally important. Sometimes we forget that children do not automatically know how to interact with one another. These skills have to be taught, practiced, and talked about. I found these great posters made by
 Digital Divide & Conquer Thank You!

I was planning a chapel for school and knew I wanted to do something on friendship, these posters were perfect. My students all had a part and we told the group we were going to "Spell Out" how to be a good friend. We went through the cards one by one and gave examples of each concept. We ended the chapel with a skit on solving problems on the playground AKA "Rock, Paper, Scissors".

My students and the other classes loved the chapel and I see them using the strategies on the playground and in the classroom. I may not have gotten to everything on my lesson plans that week, but it was worth it!

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