Landforms and Bodies of Water

My kids have had so much fun with our Land-form and Bodies of Water Unit. First we talked about each form and what it takes to create each one. After that I put the kids in groups, and they made a poster about their form.
When they were finished, they shared all of its features with the class.
Next the kids made the form out of clay. I had to add on an extra 15 min. to my lesson just so they could play with the clay! They did a really good job and had a lot of fun too.

Today we got messy with paint. A little more mess than I wanted but they had fun! The conversations were great. They needed to decide on what colors to paint and why. They blended colors to add weathering and realistic features.

Next week we will be discussing how weathering and natural disasters affect the forms. The students can't wait to destroy, they are all fighting over who gets to represent the earthquake.

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